Stationary air filtration systems for painting chambers “FILTAIR-PR” series

Air filtration system with filter is an integral and essential element of any painting chamber. FILTAIR-PR series stationary air filtration systems for painting chambers enable to clean the air fed from the outside, and directly inside the painting chamber. In addition, it helps to precipitate and withdraw the mist forming in the process of painting. If the chamber does not have a good ventilation system, the quality of painting works is significantly reduced. It is important that the painting chamber has an extractor fan installed, complying with the requirements of the production conditions.

This filtration technology enables to maintain certain climate conditions of the environment throughout the process of painting work and drying process, whereas no dew is formed on the product and most favourable conditions for coating application and drying are provided.

Media to be filtered – only paint and paint dust.

FILTAIR-PR series stationary air filtration system for painting chambers consist of:

  • a ventilation unit
  • a system of ventilation ducts
  • a set of supply and exhaust boxes
  • a set of supply and exhaust air filters
  • a control panel

The ventilation units can operate on light liquid fuel, natural gas (G20 methane, G30 butane, G31 propane). In accordance with the EU Gas Directive, the generators are exclusively equipped with a CE-certified burners with a relevant certificate issued by an official certification body.

The main technical parameters of the ventilation units are listed in the table below, the system of ventilation ducts, the supply and exhaust boxes and a control panel are selected individually based on the customer's production requirements.

Min.and max. thermal power (kW) 87.2-116 110.4-116 116-232 174.4-290 220.9-290 190-380 232.2-380 278.9-380 275-550 345.6-550 418.6-550 372.2-700 465.1-700 558.1-700
Min. and max output (kW) 78.5-105.6 99.4-105.6 104.4-211.1 120.4-211.1 136.1-211.1 157-261 198.8-261 171-342 209-342 251-342 247.5-495 311-495 376.7-495 335-630 418.6-630 502.3-630
Electric power (kW) 1x4 kW 1x5.5 kW 1x4 kW 1x5.5 kW 1x7.5 kW 1x9.2 kW 2x4 kW 2x5.5 kW 2x4 kW 2x5.5 kW 2x7.5 kW 3x4 kW 3x5.5 kW 3x7.5 kW 4x4 kW 4x5.5 kW 4x7.5 kW
Power supply (V / ph / Hz) 400/3/50
Min. air flow (m3/hr) 12500 16000 12500 16000 18000 21000 25000 32000 28000 34000 38000 42000 51000 57000 56000 68000 76000
Max. useful static pressure. Max (Pa) 400 500 400 500 600 400 500 400 500 600 400 500 600 400 500 600
Max. air flow (m3/hr) 15000 19000 15000 19000 23000 26000 30000 38000 32000 40000 48000 48000 60000 72000 64000 80000 96000
Min useful static pressure. Max. (Pa) 150 200 150 200 250 150 200 150 100 150 100 150 100
Air temp. min-max (for min. volume) 15°C-18°C 15°C-17.8°C 20°C-23.9°C 15.8°C-18.7°C 15°C-19.2°C 15°C-18.6°C 15°C-18°C 15°C-17.8°C 15.3°C-17.5°C 15°C-17.6°C 15°C-18.9°C 14.8°C-16.9°C 14.9°C-17.5°C 15°C-18.9°C 15°C-17.1°C 15°C-17.6°C 15°C-18.9°C
Air temp. min-max (for max. volume) 20.2°C-24.2°C 15.9°C-18.9°C 40.3°C-48.4°C 31.9°C-37.8°C 26.3°C-33.6°C 23.3°C-28.8°C 24.9°C-29.9°C 19.7°C-23.4°C 30.6°C-35°C 24.5°C-28.8°C 20.4°C-25.8°C 29.6°C-33.8°C 23.7°C-27.8°C 19.7°C-24.9°C 28.2°C-32.3°C 22.6°C-26.6°C 18.8°C-23.8°C

Modes of operation of industrial painting chambers

Painting-drying chambers allow achieving high-quality paintwork in minimum time period. For this purpose the chamber has several modes of operation that can be selected depending on the stage of paintwork.

Air, polluted with the painting dust, is drawn out from the painting chamber by the ventilators through a set of filters. Filters are designed so that they prevent the direct entering of dust into the air channel and fan volute. For the operator’s security reasons, the ventilation system performs a total air replacement during the "Paint" mode and is equipped with heat exchanger for heat energy saving. Mode “Drying" involves only a partial air replacement, which provides even greater savings in heat energy. The ventilation system is equipped with valves to provide a low pressure in the painting chamber, which eliminates leakage of solvent vapors from the working area.

Additional Info

  • Sphere of application: industrial air cleaning for welding fumes