Bucket elevators BE series

Bucket elevators BE series *Abrasive mechanical transport system MECHTRANS-2

BE series bucket elevator is a vertical lifting mechanism that moves abrasive media in vertical direction to the predetermined height. Bucket elevators are intended for lifting abrasive media, bulk cargo (powdered, granular, lumpy - coal, peat, fertiliser, cement, various chemicals, sand, gravel, limestone, slag, etc.).

Bucket elevators are widely used in metallurgical companies, cement plants, construction, coal and mining industries, building and refractory material manufacturing, as well as in grain silos, sugar and food processing plants. The systems are used as standalone as well as in-line equipment. The abrasive mechanical transport system MECHTRAS-2 is an example of an integrated solution of bucket elevator BE-2 usage.

Basic set BE-1 BE-2
Speed of buckets - Low-speed, with gravity unloading
Number of buckets / meter - 3
Positioning of buckets - Spaced
Vertical speed of buckets - 60 m/min
Maximum capacity - 6 m3/min
Motor - 2.2 kW
Gear ratio - 1:22
Strap adjustment level - 140 mm
Traction mechanism - Belt
Depth, mm (D) - 890
Height, m (H) - Max.12 m
Width, mm (W) - 286

*Bucket elevator BE-2

Basic features:

  • Reliable and easy to use structure (inspection hatches with hinged doors and wire mesh enable a convenient and safe control of the elevator operation)
  • Long service life of the whole system
  • Easy maintenance and repair work (removable panels allow easy access for maintenance or replacement of sections, if necessary, spacious service platforms provide easy access to the drive and the motor)

Operation principle:

The bucket elevator consists of a loading station („shoe”), a drive station („head”) and shafts. The material falls into the buckets from the conveyor through the „load toe” of the „shoe”, or is gatheres with the buckets from the bottom where it is poured by gravity. After that buckets move raw material through the shafts to the upper level of the conveyor where the material is unloaded.

Additional Info

  • Sphere of application: abrasive mechanical transportation