Air filtration systems for fixed installations ”FILTAIR-S” series (special dust)

Air filtration systems for fixed installations ”FILTAIR-S” series (special dust) *Filtair-15000-312-S

Industrial premises are required to have high-quality air cleaning systems according to the latest requirements of environmental protection, as industrial dust must not be discharged directly into the atmosphere. These systems are also necessary for the safety of employees, as they contribute to establishing appropriate production conditions, which are required to carry out technological processes.

FILTAIR-S series air filtration systems for fixed installations consist of a filter unit, a centrifugal fan, and mounting parts that are necessary for connecting all elements of the system to the control panel. The basic operational principle of the system is that the filter unit of the system cleans the dust-contaminated air, using highly effective filter elements, as a result of which only cleaned air is discharged into the atmosphere.

Output: from 5000 m3/hr to 50 000 m3/hr

Key features:

  • Painted reliable hard steel structure
  • The system can be installed and operate both indoors and outdoors
  • Dust emission: 2-5 mg/m3 of exhaust air
  • The size of filtered particles: from 0,3 to 2 microns
  • Filters cleaning: automatic - pulse air jet
  • Optional feature: automatic dust discharge from the dust collector
  • Using the latest technology for calculating the cleaning process of filters
  • High durability filters
  • Built-in filters contamination control system
  • Easy maintenance and replacing of filters – access from the upper side of the unit
  • A wide range of filters used

Based on the degree of contamination of the surfaces being processed as well as depending on the materials used we offer cleaning systems for "normal", "high" and "special" dust. The table below shows the range of air cleaning system models for "special" dust:

Basic set FILTAIR-5000-156-S FILTAIR-10000-234-S FILTAIR-15000-312-S FILTAIR-20000-2x234-S FILTAIR-25000-2x234-S FILTAIR-30000-2x312-S FILTAIR-35000-2x312-S FILTAIR-40000-2x390-S FILTAIR-45000-2x390-S FILTAIR-50000-2x390-S
Centrifugal fan CF-5000-D CF-10000-D CF-15000-D CF-20000-D CF-25000-D CF-30000-D CF-35000-D CF-40000-D CF-45000-D CF-50000-D
Filter area, m2 156 234 312 2x234 2x312 2x390
Length (L) 2990 4360 4500 5260 6060 7060 7750 8550 9750 10250
Width (W) 1670 2170 2200
Height (H) 3690
Input channel (D) 315 400 500 630 600x800 600x900
Weight (kg) 760 1290 1680 1920 2510 3080 3300 3680 4240 4450
Type of filter Cartridge
Filter material NA-909-0, Polyester
Filter cleaning Automatically, with compressed air jet
Filter inspection From the side of clean air supply
Filter replacing From the side of clean air supply
Dust emission 2-5 mg/m3 in the air at the outlet
Dust discharge Manually, by using the „butterfly" valve, into a dust bag (not included in standard delivery)

Additional Info

  • Sphere of application: industrial air cleaning