Abrasive separation unit «ASU» series

In industrial conditions, regeneration or purification of abrasives is successfully used to increase the lifetime of the abrasives used and to improve the quality of machined surfaces.

During the process of regeneration or cleaning, the abrasive media is separated from dust, dirt, debris and fractions unsuitable for further use.

ASU series abrasive separation unit is an essential element in the abrasive mechanical transport system - spent abrasive media enters the system through the floor funnel, then moves to the separation unit where abrasive media is separated from large dust grains and debris. Untreated abrasive is conveyed through the mechanical storage hopper to the blasting unit, whereas the waste dust enters the dust collector where it accumulates in the funnel. Dust-contaminated air is purified in the filtering unit of the dust collector by highly efficient filter elements and only purified air is discharged into the atmosphere.

ASU series abrasive separation unit is a drum type separator, it is a perfect choice for separating abrasive media from waste dust and debris in industrial conditions of high level pollution.

Basic set ASU-2
Drum separator with a rotating sieve for separating large particles (5 mm mesh),
0.37 kW motor
Cascade cleaner, air cleaning, for separating fine dust and
(with connection to the air cleaning system min. 1500-2000
Length, mm (L) 900
Width, mm (W) 516
Height, mm (H) 1475
Вес (кг) 175

Additional Info

  • Sphere of application: abrasive regeneration