Blastvent OÜ company is active in the Baltic and Russian markets since year 2010.

We have successfully mastered metalworking and metal corrosion protection segment since 1997 and by year 2010 the accumulated intellectual capital and skilled specialists were united under the Blastvent brand.

Our scope of activities

The team of our specialists constantly develops and implements a variety of technological solutions in the abrasive collection, transport and regeneration segment as well as manufacturing of industrial ventilation for the different working environment.

A detailed analysis of customer’s production and technological requirements is made prior to supply, in order to select an optimal necessary equipment set. We also make the startup and adjustment works for the supplied equipment as well as training of the customer’s specialists.

Our products

The range of products offered include:

  • Vacuum and mechanical abrasive transport systems
  • Suction units (industrial vacuum cleaners)
  • Vacuum and mechanical storage hoppers
  • Dust separation cyclones
  • Abrasive collection systems
  • Abrasive separation units
  • Bucket elevators
  • Centrifugal fans
  • Air filtration systems for fixed installation for normal, high and special dust
  • Containerized portable air filtration systems
  • Air filtration systems for paint rooms for fixed and portable installation
  • Air filtration systems for welding fumes for central and local installation

We also offer our customers the complex technological solutions for the blasting and painting chambers production.

Our products are manufactured in Estonia and meet the safety requirements of the European Community.

Our services

Flexible terms, the optimum price-quality ratio, close-knit team of specialists and sincere enthusiasts in their profession - the result of all this is a possibility to offer our customers universal, integrated and high-quality solutions in the following areas:


Our team will offer you services in designing and development of technological projects, based on individual needs and characteristics.

Manufacturing of of metal constructions

  • Manufacturing of the industrial metal constructions of any level of difficulty
  • Manufacturing of various equipment for the abrasive collection, transport and regeneration
  • Manufacturing of industrial ventilation for the different working environment

Construction services

Construction of blasting and painting chambers, from the design stage to the complete fulfillment

Technical support

On customer’s request, our experts:

  • perform the installation supervision or installation for the supplied equipment
  • perform customer’s specialists training of the the operational features of the equipment
  • carry out technical inspections and follow-up services for the supplied equipment

Our clients

Our clients are power engineering, shipbuilding, ship repair, metalworking, engineering, construction and transport enterprises.

Our works

Global Steel Service SIA, Rīga, Latvia, August 2014 – blasting and painting chambers

Eesti Energia Tehnoloogiatööstus – Jõhvi factory, July 2014 – blasting chamber equipment set for aluminium oxide cleaning

Julay Ehitus OÜ – abrasive vacuum transport system Complexa-V-220-1000 in a set with an air filtration system FILTAIR-15000-156-N

Estanc AS – blasting and painting chambers

Stakodiler OÜ – blasting and painting chambers

TTS Avio – blasting and painting chambers

Empatio OÜ – blasting chamber

You can review more of our works here – Completed projects.

Contact details for placing an application or discussion of any possible technical issues:

e-mail: info @
Phone: +372 6836 750
Fax: +372 683 6755

Sincerely yours,
Blastvent OÜ team