Blastvent OÜ painting chambers

Blastvent painting chamber is a set of equipment, chosen according to the customer's requirements, with maximum automation of all operating modes. Painting chamber is very simple to use - and this is one of its key advantages. Our chambers are manufactured using modern filtering materials that can achieve the highest degree of air purification.

The technology used implies the preservation of certain climatic environment throughout the whole production period of painting works and drying process - the formation of a dew on the surface does not occur and a favorable regime for coating application and drying is created.

The maximum permissible content of solvent vapors in the air during the painting process is also monitored, along with the potentially explosive or fire hazardous situation prevention. To avoid this, there is an aerosol fire extinguishing system operating in automatic and in manual mode. The chamber production security control and the equipment control is activated during all stages of the working process.

Painting chamber walls are made of non-combustible sandwich panels, which prevent leakage of dust painting and solvent vapors outside the working area. Lightweight construction of the walls reduces labor, time and cost of the chamber construction. The chamber is equipped with lightning, doors and two automatic gates.

Two sets of chamber gates, opening manually, are installed on end faces of spray chamber and one set - inside the chamber, this allows working with different composition and color materials independently and simultaneously. The gates are of folding structure, consisting of durable fabric with PVC coating, assembly units, steel parts and aluminum profile. Opening-closing (folding-unfolding) is performed manually. The proposed gates are specially designed for work in heavy conditions (high humidity, low temperatures, high wind loads, high dust) and thus have sufficiently large dimensions. Each set of gates has an inspection door for the staff with an integrated window in it.

Lighting of a painting chamber is carried out by a set of lamps madein an explosion-proof performance. Lamps provide sufficient lighting to perform painting operations in the working area of the chamber.

Painting chamber ventilation is carried out by explosion-proof low pressure radial fans and has a vertical direction, which implies a top-to-bottom air movement inside the chamber. Such air distribution scheme eliminates the risks from the sideways air movement, which is spraying on the previously painted surfaces. Air velocity in the chamber is sufficient for the timely disposal of hazardous gases from the chamber and meets the EN specified standards.

Air, polluted with the painting dust, is drawn out from the painting chamber by the ventilators through a set of filters. Filters are designed so that they prevent the direct entering of dust into the air channel and fan volute. For the operator’s security reasons, the ventilation system performs a total air replacement during the "Paint" mode and is equipped with heat exchanger for heat energy saving. Mode “Drying" involves only a partial air replacement, which provides even greater savings in heat energy. The ventilation system is equipped with valves to provide a low pressure in the painting chamber, which eliminates leakage of solvent vapors from the working area.

Heating of a painting chamber is performed by the heater powered by natural gas or liquid fuel. The automatics of the heating system controls and sets the temperature of the incoming air flow, depending on the selected mode and considering the incoming outside air temperature.

Painting chamber is equipped with a gas monitoring system. In case of exceeding the specified levels, the system is able to select the signal light or audible alarm and to supply a control signal to change the camera working mode in order to reduce the concentration of hazardous gases in the chamber.

Since the standard equipment set does not meet the individual requirements of all customers, we offer a modular system giving an endless equipment combination possibilities.

The result of a well planned abrasive transport and regeneration system is a higher blasting works quality along with lower dust concentration in the working area, that leads to the blasting operator increased productivity.

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  • Sphere of application: abrasive vacuum collection and regeneration
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