Mechanical transport systems MECHTRANS series

In industrial conditions, the collection, transportation and recuperation (purification) of any other abrasive media is carried out by two types of systems: vacuum and mechanical transport systems.

The operational principle of mechanical abrasive transport system is simple and efficient – spent abrasive media enters the system through the floor funnel, then moves to the separation unit where it is separated from large dust grains and debris. Untreated abrasive is conveyed through the mechanical storage-hopper to the blasting unit, whereas the waste dust enters the dust collector where it accumulates in the funnel. Dust-contaminated air is purified in the filtering unit of the dust collector by highly efficient filter elements and only purified air is discharged into the atmosphere.

The benefits of mechanical transport systems are reliability in operation, high performance and economy.

MECHTRANS series mechanical transport systems are delivered in the stationary installation – in blasting chambers, shot blasting lines. Mechanical transportation of abrasive media is reasonable when the equipment is used in large workshops where high processing performance is required.

Since the standard equipment does not meet the individual requirements of all customers, we offer a modular system which allows endless set combinations.

An example of a mechanical transport system is MECHTRANS-2 system.

The system includes:

  • Floor mounted funnel FF-800/800-B including a grid (1)
  • Bucket elevator BE-2(2)
  • Abrasive separation unit ASU-2(3)
  • Mechanical storage hopper MSH-5/2(4)
  • Air filtration system FILTAIR-2000-26-N(5)
  • Connection set

The full range of MECHTRANS mechanical transport systems

Floor mounted funnel FF-800/800-B FF-800/800-B FF-800/800-B
Bucket elevator BE-2 BE-2 BE-2
Abrasive separation unit ASU-2 ASU-2 ASU-2
Air filtration system FILTAIR-2000-26-N FILTAIR-2000-26-N FILTAIR-2000-26-N
Mechanical storage hopper MSH-5/1 MSH-5/2 MSH-7/4

*Abrasive separation unit ASU-2

*Floor funnel FF-800/800-B

*Mechanical storage hopper MSH-5/2

*Bucket elevator BE-2 from system MECHTRANS-2

A well-planned abrasive recovery system results in significantly higher quality of blasting work and reduced dust formation in the working area that increases the performance of blasting operators.

Additional Info

  • Sphere of application: abrasive mechanical collection and regeneration