Central air filtration systems for welding FUMES “FILTAIR-WELD” series

FILTAIR-WELD series central air filtration system for welding is a "PUSH-PULL" type central supply and exhaust air filtration system designed to prevent the accumulation of welding fumes and aerosols in the premises where welding works are performed.

The system is intended for cleaning the air from fine to medium dispersed dry dust, from easily cleaned dust and fumes, emitted during welding, cutting, metalworking and other processes that release hazardous suspended particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The FILTAIR-WELD system consists of 5 basic elements:

  • a supply air duct equipped with special grids
  • a filtering unit
  • a fan
  • an exhaust air duct
  • a control panel with a built-in programmable micro-controller

The configuration of the system depends on the location of welding stations, technological passages, room size and the space required for the localisation of fumes in the welding zone of the premises. The FILTAIR-WELD system can be designed as a U-shaped system as well as in the parallel systems mode.

The air filtration system is a build-up modular structure (the maximum recommended number of modules - 4 pieces):

  • Output of a single module - 5000 m3/hr
  • Capacity of a single module - 7.5 kW

The most efficient way of removal of welding fumes from the breathing zone of the welder is achieved through the use of local exhaust devices in combination with a PUSH-PULL type recirculation ventilation system.

The system is operated through the control panel that is mounted on the fixed part of the system’s structure.

The system is customised and designed in each case individually. The delivery depends on the project and may include everything needed for the installation and commissioning.

FILTAIR-WELD series central air filtration systems for welding fumes can be used as a final recirculation unit as well as a part of industrial ventilation complex. The temperature of transported airflow should not exceed +90 °C. Cleaned airflow must not contain any explosive mixtures.

Additional Info

  • Sphere of application: abrasive vacuum collection and regeneration