Containerized portable air filtration systems “FILTAIR-CONT” series

FILTAIR-CONT series containerized portable air filtration systems are compact, mobile, reliable and meet all basic requirements.

Basic set FILTAIR-10000-120-CONT FILTAIR-20000-156-CONT
Centrifugal fan CF-10000-D CF-20000-D
Air output (m3/hr) 10000 20000
Electric motor (kW) 15 30
Filter area (m2) 120 156
Length (L) 2990
Width (W) 2320
Height (H) 2950
Weight (kg) 2200 2350
Type of filter Cartridge
Filter material NA-909-0, Polyester
Filter cleaning Automatically, with compressed air jet
Filter inspection From the side of clean air supply
Filter replacing From the side of clean air supply
Dust emission Less than 5 mg/m3 in the air at the outlet
Dust discharge Manually, by using the „butterfly" valve, into a dust bag (not included in standard delivery)

Additional Info

  • Sphere of application: industrial air cleaning