Abrasive collection system ”COLLECTA” series

Abrasive collection system ”COLLECTA” series * Scraper floors COLLECTA-SF

In industrial conditions, different systems are used for abrasive media collection and recovery in blasting chambers. Blastvent mechanical collection and recovery systems such as scraper floors and belt conveyors are designed individually and cover all existing scopes of application. Mechanical collection systems can be designed with different dimensions/capacities according to the customer’s individual requirements.

COLLECTA-SF series scraper floors – is the best solution for newly installed or upgraded blasting chambers. This kind of scraper floors do not require any deep hoppers to be installed, they can be mounted directly on the existing concrete floor or to be inside the floor up to 14 cm deep. The fact that there is no need to install a hopper under the chamber’s floor, which can be several metres deep, is an essential advantage of the scraper floor structure. Ground waters or the impossibility of carrying out dredging works in the workshop make it impossible to use a belt conveyor, while the height of the scraper floor is typically less than 140 mm. The result is that the pneumatically controlled scraper floor system, which is fully automated and easy to install, ensures continuous process of abrasive recycling during shot blasting.

*Belt conveyor COLLECTA-BCC
*Belt conveyor COLLECTA-BC

COLLECTA-SF series scraper floors consist of several longitudinal and one transverse (or multiple transverse) scraping lines with moving metal or rigidly fixed flexible scrapers. The scraper bars, locked in one direction and loose in the other direction, push the abrasive media while moving forward. At the end of the transverse section of the scraper floor there is a floor funnel, from where the abrasive media is moved to the recovery system, where it is separated from dirt and dust.

Metal grids are installed above the scraper floor, so that the operator can easily walk upon them.

The height of the scraper floor usually does not exceed 14 cm. The scraper floor systems may differ by the type of driving mechanism – they can be pneumatic or electric.

COLLECTA-SF series scraper floors, installed in the blasting chamber, significantly increase the performance of blasting works and reduce the cost of abrasive materials.

COLLECTA-BC series belt conveyors are very reliable. Thanks to their simplicity and ease of maintenance, as well as universal application, they are just irreplaceable devices in many industrial facilities.

Belt conveyor is a special mechanism designed to perform a smooth transportation of various loads (from small, insignificant and bulk to large ones).

An elastic belt operates as the main carrier and traction mechanism of the conveyor.

Belt conveyors are generally used for conveying large quantities of abrasive media horizontally or in inclined direction. The supply of abrasive media into the conveyor belt is controlled by a special funnel, built into the floor, as well as by a V-shaped support roller. This structure helps avoid overloading the conveyor and abrasive eruptions. The length of the conveyor individually depends on the customer’s request.

COLLECTA-BC series belt conveyors is reliable, have long service life as well as convenient and simple in structure. They are widely used in different industries, construction and other industrial sectors.

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  • Sphere of application: abrasive mechanical transportation