Local air filtration systems for welding fumed “FILTAIR-WELD-L” series

FILTAIR-WELD-L series local air filtration systems for welding fumes is a localised exhaust filtration system designed to prevent the accumulation of welding fumes and aerosols in the premises where welding work is performed.

The system significantly increases the working space that is serviced by the extraction device, which allows removing pollution emitted in stationary or mobile workplaces, it also allows working in a closed space (under the equipment) and with high equipment blocks.

The FILTAIR-WELD-L systems consists of:

  • a cantilever rotating mechanism 4.2 m or 6 m
  • a flexible extraction arm 3 m or 4 m
  • a set of connecting ventilation ducts
  • a fan
  • a control panel

The cantilever rotating mechanism consists of a cantilever beam with a mounting plate. On the free end of the beam there is an extraction device is mounted with a ball bearing connection. The extraction arm rotates 360° and can be easily locked into any position. It is extremely flexible and enables the maximum working zone. All extraction arm models can be fitted with illuminating halogen lamp, which is positioned in the air intake funnel.

Length of the cantilever rotating mechanism 4,2 m 6 m
Weight of the cantilever rotating mechanism 73 93
Length of the flexible extraction arm 3 or 4 m
Extraction arm material Polyester fabric coated PVC
Air ducts diameter 160 мм 160 мм
Air ducts material Galvanised steel
Aluminium foil coated PVC tube
Recommended airflow Max. 2000 m3/hr Max. 2000 m3/hr
Recommended maximum negative pressure 3000 Pa 3000 Pa
Maximum load of the outer sleeve 100 kg 60 kg
Recommended mounting height from the floor level 2,7-3 m 2,7-3 m
Fan Medium pressure, 1-3 phase, 220 V

Additional Info

  • Sphere of application: abrasive vacuum collection and regeneration